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Taking on the risk of working for yourself as a permanent freelance writer can be a fulfilling career choice if you’re motivated enough to make it work. Your venture for self-employment has its pros and cons just like everything else.


If you’re going to tend to the needs of your clients and ensure that they stay happy with your work, you are going to need a strong sense of discipline. You’ll likely be doing this type of work from home, meaning it’s easy to fall into a bad habit of sleeping late, getting distracted and abusing your freedom. Disciplined writers get up for work just as they would if they worked for a boss. They chain themselves at their desks and work until their tasks are complete. When they are finished with their work with time to spare, they don’t pat themselves on the back in congratulations; but rather they apply for more work and send out proposals, filling their day with the kind of productivity that pays the bills.

Your reputation

it can ruin your chances of winning another client. This means that a writer who relies on this kind of work to make a living should at always deliver excellent work on time and strive to satisfy their clients in all requirements. Another motivating factor to work at your best is because for every excellent article you write, you’ve added more ammunition to your portfolio arsenal. You’ll have ongoing confidence knowing that if your previous work is called upon for scrutiny, you’re ready to show off a great piece of writing.

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The pressure of various clients

Having multiple clients means having to deal with various personalities, as well as clashing deadlines. Anticipating this at all times will arm you with the readiness you’ll need to cope with dilemmas. It’s wisest to keep a detailed work schedule so that you can make sure you are capable of taking in sufficient work without neglecting any of your existing clients

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For the love of writing

It’s worth mentioning that your passion for writing is what will keep you going. When you enjoy what you do, you become good at it and your work will reflect that enthusiasm to your clients. Keep writing and stay passionate no matter what. The work will come. Working from your home office gives you a great opportunity to relax or indulge in your hobby whenever you feel overloaded - use it! Are you a writer? Apply here.

academic and business writing

Academic and business writing

When you work on the same type of assignments each day, you will probably reach a point when you are totally fed up with it. The solution is simple and easy - try to pick writing or editing jobs that are different in nature. For instance proofread a resume after writing a research paper instead of doing another academic job.

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