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How To Find A Freelance Writer For Hire

If you are looking to hire a freelance writer, there are many places from which to choose, and many people whom you can select. So how can you find the right freelance writer for hire?

When you are hiring a freelance writer online there are a few things you want to look out for to ensure that the person you hire is a good match.

  1. Start by posting your job on a reputable website. Look for one of the top two ranking freelance websites and then post your job with all of the job details for free.

  2. Review the bids carefully. You will find that within hours of posting your job you will find dozens of bids. A handful will be from third world countries and likely not read well. Those can be disregarded. Another small percentage may read like a robot and can be from a company that mass submits bids on projects with certain keywords.

  3. If you want an individual for your project rather than a writing team you can search for people who are listed as an individual. They have be designated as a writing team or an individual.

  4. If you have geographic preferences such as you want a writer who is from your state or your county then you will want to narrow down the list from there.

  5. Once you have narrowed your list to exclude the aforementioned it is time to review the bids that are remaining based on their qualifications and their profile. By using one of the top two websites for freelancers you have access to a great deal of professional information from every freelance writer who submits a bid on your job. This information often includes what would be listed on a regular resume in conjunction with a short description about themselves and then their profile. The profile shows the rankings and the feedback they have received on previously completed jobs. It also shows any comments left by those who hired before. These comments may be good or bad. You can look at what type of jobs they have completed in the past and see how well those jobs compare to the job that you want completed.

  6. Review the examples that they submit with their bid or have listed on their profile and see if the writing style and quality are on par with what you require for your upcoming project.

  7. Finally you can start communication with them if you have any additional questions or want to review the requirements or parameters of your particular job before you commit to a freelancer.

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