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Looking For Great Freelance Article Writing Jobs Online

In the past, writers had to get a book published or work for a newspaper if they wanted to work in the industry. Since the advent of the Internet, writers can begin working from any location around the world. Online freelance writing jobs offer writers a chance to break into the industry and earn money from the comfort of their own home.

  • Create a Blog or a Website
  • Few clients will hire a writer who has never actually written articles before. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for writers to get the demonstrable experience that they need to get hired. One of the easiest ways to work around this requirement is to create a blog or a website. This can be done on any topic, and the site should include 10 to 300 articles. Later on, the writer can earn money through advertisements on the site or they can use the website to reach out directly to each client.

  • Try Out Content Mills
  • Content mills typically offer uninteresting articles for fairly low pay. Some writers refuse to work with them, but there are some benefits to using a content mill. In essence, a content mill can be a paid way to practice writing. During slow months, the consistent work from a content mill can ensure that the writer continues to make enough money to live on. The writer may never need to have this backup plan, but it is always a smart idea to have an extra source of income as a freelancer.

  • Start Bidding
  • There are several different websites that allow writers and clients to meet up with each other. On these sites, the writer can search through available projects for work that interests them. The writer must submit a proposal and a bid for the project. After the hiring period closes, the client will look through all of the bids and pick the best writer.

    Bidding sites contain some great projects, but there are also some very low paid articles out there. Writers need to be discerning when the first start writing. In the beginning, they may need to take on lower paid projects so that they can gain a work history and references on the site. As the writer gains a larger client list, they can start to raise their rates and reach out to higher paying projects. New writers should not get discouraged when they are not hired by a client. Even the best writers are often just hired by one out of ten clients, so it is perfectly normal for a new writer to face stiff competition.


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