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Looking For Good Remote Freelance Technical Writing Jobs

Technical people are generally quite in demand; whichever field you go. The same theory holds for freelancers as well. The technical front comes with an elaborate make-up and generally covers natural technical works. However, there are scopes for those as well who eye remote jobs.

Now, remote jobs demand excellence with the craft. You cannot be half-baked in knowledge and aspire to succeed on this front. Here are a few jobs you may seek to get a grove –

  • Professional CV writers – There are CVs and there are technical CVS. The latter hardly fails to inspire. There is a technique to write CV wherein your credentials are presented in an expansive manner. You as a freelancer need to stick to certain words and structure and make sure the client leaves with a happy face.
  • Car specs – Now, many car buyers love to look at the specs of the car. You may be required to present the specs in an ordinate manner;. Or even the definition of the car in a systemic manner. It is amazing how the car gains a new dimension in the hands of an astute writer.
  • Technical translator – You may be required to translate technical papers in a different language. This may be an annual report, an Insurance Certification exam; or anything else. This surely requires expertise in both languages. Assess your mettle before picking such a job.
  • CMS jobs – There are writing jobs required by CMS, Wordpress and others to improve their functionality. Herein, you will get clear directives as a freelancer and will only need to twist the turns.
  • Reference manuals – This is another technical job that requires enough grounding. You cannot make elementary or other mistakes in crafting these manuals. These are utilized by readers in completing relevant jobs pertaining to the manual.
  • Technical press releases – These also hold fort for many corporate enterprises. What they require is an amiable and deft freelancer who knows his craft. This is a continual job so you don’t need worrying once you bag the job.
  • Defining software – Many software creators want freelancers to define their software in a friendly and understandable way. While the technical phrasing remains the same, the writing style is for laymen. This job profile is again quite popular.
  • Technical consultants – Online sites may hire you as a technical consultant seeing your gift in freelance field. While this is not certainly a writing job; writers can aspire for the same. This is why we have taken the liberty to mention the profile.

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