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The Top 5 Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs You Should Apply For

When selecting freelance work, there are many things to keep in mind. This type of work has a lot of promise, but it takes a lot of to reap the benefits. If you are an aspiring writer, freelance work might be your most available option of work. With the right jobs, you could easily save up a nice income from your work. There are jobs available for a variety of writing topics and styles, but here are the top 5 best-paid jobs:

  1. Editing: Editing and proofreading is one of the most sought after task clients want help with. Freelancers can find work editing manuscripts, essays, and books. Larger projects will definitely yield a higher pay, so be sure to apply for editing jobs. They’re quick, easy, and have a steady pay.
  2. Ghostwriting: There are a lot of people out there who pretend to be writers but need actual writers to do the work for them. These clients are usually seeking someone to write a personal book or memoir, or content on some specific topic. Because of the types of work clients often wish to have ghostwriting assistance in are extensive, the pay is often quite good.
  3. Transcription: Just like ghostwriting, many clients need audio and mp3 files transcribed. This serves to assist the hearing impaired and general production crews for the audio clip.
  4. Public Relations: Companies and firms are willing to pay big bucks for freelance writers who can handle their public relations. This might require that you issue press releases and statements on behalf of the company. Though this comes with a lot of responsibility, the reward is high.
  5. Long-term blogging: Often, you’ll be able to luck out and find a job with a client who wishes to work long-term. This is often for blogging, and will require that you manage the site’s blog and update it regularly. The more often you work with the company, the more work you will be doing. As you spend more time working with this, you may find that many pay increases are available.

Freelance writing is a very profitable career that allows many amateur writers to gain experience and fund future projects. If you don’t know how to find work, though, you may have a difficult time finding jobs that pay well. This list presents to you the 5 highest paying writing jobs that you can apply for today, and receive benefits tomorrow.


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