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You can make quick money working as a freelance writer

Once you have practiced your skills, either with the intention of becoming a freelance writer, or simply as the result of study, or of other writing work, it is possible to make a good income, and to make a quick buck, as a freelancer. However, it is not easy money: if it was, everyone would be doing it. You need to be good, and you need to know where to devote your time!

  • Selecting Work
  • Your skill-set and your existing knowledge should partially guide your selection of work. For example, if you have finished a graduate degree, you should consider academic writing, perhaps. If you studied, say, business management, then you can also specialise in this area: match your skills to the roles. Choosing jobs that specify a short deadline in this area will mean you can complete the work quickly, get paid, and look for the next role!

  • Getting Work
  • Never make one application, or one proposal, and sit waiting for a response; make as many as you can, and then as you get responses you can organise your work time to accommodate the ones that you do get. But there are lots of freelancers out there, so make you proposals count: never copy and paste a proposal, but write each one for the job.

  • Selecting Clients
  • Try to select client that seem to have a lot of work going; if you can get a good reputation with one client, they will come back to you, and you can then bypass the proposals, all the other freelancers, and maximize your time, and cash flow.

  • Managing Relationships
  • Never promise what you cannot deliver, and always deliver at least what you promise. This will ensure that your client always thinks of you first, and even, in the best cases, looks for work for you. Doing this means that you will have regular work, and minimal idle time. When you freelance, time really is money.

  • Managing Time
  • It is a good idea to have a variety of clients and projects at one time. Too much writing on one subject becomes unproductive, and we need to ensure that we are working in the most efficient way. As the saying goes: ‘a change is as good as a rest’. A change of work allows you to stay motivated, productive, and commercial.

    In short, work hard, work professionally, and always meet your deadlines with quality work, and the turnaround, and income, should be nice and quick!


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