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A basic freelance writer resume sample

A resume is an important piece of paper (or an important electronic document as it were) that tells a potential client or employer what you have to offer. The same way that you require a resume when you apply for a regular office job you need to have a freelance resume if you want to start working online.

Some of the best websites for freelance writing will actually help you create this basic freelance writer resume on their website. They have pre-existing fields and boxes into which you can enter your corresponding information. These fields are based on the category of freelance work you choose. So if you are a writer you can attach examples of your portfolio and also include basic information such as your degrees or certifications as well as your work background. You can then use keywords to describe the categories in which you will write such as:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Feature pieces
  • Academic articles
  • Blogs
  • Web content
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Ebooks
  • Etc..

Not all websites will have pre-existing fields into which you can enter your corresponding information. In these situations it is up to you to create a basic freelance writer resume. You might also need to create a simple resume to send to a physical office that showcases the freelance work you have engaged in for the last few years.

In these situations you want to make sure you include the following topics:

  • Your contact information
  • Your qualifications/credentials from any professional or academic institution
  • Your work history
  • This section should include some of the best/top paying/largest projects on which you have worked. If you did a report for a large non-profit you will want to include details about the project requirements and a link to it online if there is one. You can include a link to your portfolio on professional freelance websites. These websites will often have a work history section which shows each of your completed jobs and the rating you received working on them.

You can of course include any number of examples for your work history but it may be best to include the ones which have the most influence or weight in the eyes of the potential client. If you are applying for a particular freelance project on web content you might want to focus on the work history that relates to web content rather than including an eBook or a report you did.


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