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Is It Profitable To Be a Freelance Writer?

Everyone today wants to earn extra money, whether as a student or a parent. The reasons for this are quite simple:

  • More money means more luxuries
  • More money means more savings
  • More money means a better lifestyle

You simply can’t ask for more than that. One of the ways to earn money is to be a freelancer. A freelancer is basically a person who works part time on jobs that he/she gets occasionally. This article discusses the pros and cons of being a freelance writer and if at all it’s worth being one.

  • First and foremost, you are earning money when you write. The more you write, the more you earn. Once you have built up your personality as a writer, you can get more jobs easily and work your way up the ladder to demand more for your professionalism. Furthermore, if you are confident and have a lot of time on your hands, it would be possible to take up more than they require. This way, you get positive reviews and more work comes your way.

  • The biggest disadvantage would be that you will most probably be starting from scratch. The reputation building will take a while and you have to bare that while it lasts. It is very easy to give up once you have started building up your reputation, but don’t fall into that trap. Another disadvantage you could say is that even once your reputation is built, it does not take long to ruin it again. You need to make one mistake and it goes down the drain.

  • This totally depends on you as a person. If you are looking for more income and are willing to put in some time to get there, then it won’t be that bad of an idea to look into freelance writing! If what you are looking for is fast cash, then freelance writing is not the right place for you because initial income is slow and building a reputation will take a while. What I would recommend for students would be to focus first on their studies then look at earning money if you can manage? This is because a good foundation in education will take you places which freelance writing may not. For parents, avoid it simply because you can spend that time more with your family than working.


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