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Do You need a Degree to Become a Freelance Writer?

There are many questions that one should ask before deciding to dedicate his or her life to freelance writing. One of them is what kind of credentials this job requires.

If you are reluctant to enter this field because you don’t have a degree, you can put your fears to rest, because being a freelance writer doesn’t require it. In short, all that you need in order to start working in this business is good command of English and a great amount of determination.

Will a Degree Help Me Succeed?

You should understand that even despite the fact that a writing degree isn’t a mandatory requirement for freelancers, you will have to compete with people who have it. This means that getting a good job will be more difficult for you, especially in the beginning when no one knows how good you can be.

This will limit your opportunities, but you will still have a chance to get various assignments. However, you will need to work harder and aim to perfect your writing. Thus, you should use every opportunity to improve your skills.

How Can I Become a Better Writer?

It’s essential to keep growing as a writer if you want to be able to compete with educated professionals. In fact, you should do this regardless of whether you have a degree or not, because if you don’t improve your skills all the time, your clients will leave you for young writers that have more to offer.

The best way to perfect your writing and make up for the lack of specialized education is attending some classes. There are plenty of reputed online courses that one can take in order to learn how to be a better writer. Some of them are so well-known and respected that completing them will put you on equal ground with some university graduates.

You’ll have to research these schools and consider their standing in the field very carefully. There are forums and other sources where you can get the information you need. It will also pay to look into writers hired by the companies you want to work with. This way, you’ll learn what kind of profile will attract this type of clients.

What About Specialized Writers?

If you want to specialize in some specific area, for example, IT or law, you will most likely need to have a degree in the field. This will depend on the kind of works you’ll have to write. Simple articles for websites won’t require any specialized education, but academic papers definitely will.


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