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Most commonly required skills in freelance writing

Most people end up losing jobs in writing because they do not know what is expected of them when they take up freelance writing. Knowing the expectations of the employer can easily land you a good job in writing. In most circumstances, employers like writers who know what writing entails, the rules it follows and the different formats that shape it. The following are some of the major tips you should have at your fingertips:

  • Accurate and good English
  • When writing, you must matter the art of English writing. There is no short cut. Having a vast knowledge of vocabulary and knowing how their use, mixing short and long sentences and good work organization gives you a competitive advantage. Since most freelance employers have a bundle of work to analyse they always they zero tolerant on minute mistakes like spelling or improper use of words and this might cost your job.

  • Deadlines
  • Freelance writing works with deadlines and the faster you are able to complete an assignment the better suited you are for the job. The deadlines do not mean that you are allowed to hand in shoddy work. Reading extensively improves your English and ensures that you are able to complete work fast and accurately. Meeting deadlines is a big deal and every writer who delays is usually charged a fee for work delivered late or they are sacked all together.

  • Quick response
  • Availability is also a key issue when it comes to article writing. Employers want reliable writers that can work seamlessly without compromising the quality of the work they deliver. Freelance writing is a growing prospect and writers improve the more they write on a daily basis. Therefore, the more work you do, the money you earn.

  • Good ranking by clients and positive customer testimonials
  • A writer that is highly recommended by other employers will spark the employers interest and get a better fee for the work the work they do. Doing a good job your part as a writer improves your credibility and ranking and employers will always recommend you to their fellow employers. Ultimately, you will get more workflow and in the process earn more money on each assignment you do.

  • Communication skills
  • The basis of freelance writing is to inform other people on the subject you are tasked with. You must have impeccable communication skills to deliver a message that is clear and under stable using the fewest words possible. This is a stronghold to your writing.

    When you master these skills listed above, you can confidently apply for a freelance writing job.


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