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Where To Look For A Well-Paid Job: A Guide For Freelance Travel Writers

Freelance travel writers can earn lucrative income writing about travel adventures and various destinations. There is a growing market for travel writing with many companies seeking freelance writers with travel writing experience. While some jobs may start on the low end of the pay scale, some opportunities lead to better paying jobs sooner than you think. To get an idea of where freelance travel writing jobs are available consider the following tips.

Freelance Writing Resources Online (blogs, social networking sites, etc.)

There are dozens of resources online to help you find well-paid writing jobs. Some sources provide job leads while others give tips and advice on how to make you look more presentable to increase chances of landing better pay. There are blogs, social networking sites, forums and groups with tips and hints on obtaining well-paid jobs. Look for sites offering details on which positions and types of clients seeking freelance writers.

Print Resources Available Offline

There are magazines and books for freelance writers offering details on how to find lucrative pay opportunities. A number of sources available offline are often more significant than online sources. For instance, consider travel magazines and sources providing a list of related publications seeking submissions. You can get information about potential writing opportunities but this information may not be as easy to find online. Your local bookstore or library is good places to start offline searches.

Job Lead Sites for Freelance Writers

There are dozens of job lead websites for writers that post such opportunities. This is a common step writers start with when breaking into the industry. The key is to find sites offering updated job leads for travel writing. This may include working with individuals and companies large and small. You can research reputable sites providing such information. Look for positive feedback from clients and writers. The site should provide clear details about job opportunities, client needs and how to apply.

Travel Publications with Open Call for Submissions

There are travel publications you can review available on and offline. As mentioned you can find various print publications in libraries and local bookstores. You may learn about additional options through an online search. Think about travel interests to get an idea of where jobs may be available. Consider networking with other writers to get ideas on where to apply.


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