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Professional Freelance Writer: 1 Distinguishing Factor

Freelance writers are the new age popular job. Information Technology has been strongly responsible for its popularity. Anybody with the knack for writing can benefit from it. But what is the one distinguishing factor that separates the professions freelance writers?

With the advent of technology in every field of human life be it professional or personal, various work ethics has changed. Work is no longer bound to the four walls of office/company. One can work at chosen hours with an internet connection in their computer/laptop/tablet. Writers have hugely gained from this freedom to write at the comfortable space and flexibility of timing.

Anybody with basic writing skills and knowledge along with the passion to write has been into the field of content writing to earn some extra bucks but are all writers the same? How can one distinguish a freelance writer? Is a freelance professional writer any different? Comparison and competition will always exist yet the fact remains that each writer has their individual style of writing.

Passion for Writing

  • Speaking of professional freelance writers, their work is passion driven rather than monotonous.
  • They are self employed which allows them to be more competitive about rising to higher level as a writer and there is continuous efforts to achieve the same.
  • Their position and ability to rise is in their own hands to a large extent. This works to do in-depth study and improve their skills through learning and experience.
  • They have the freedom to take up projects in their topics of interest as well as take a break from work at any time and not be drained out of creativity.
  • Moreover, since they are not restricted to time and space they can finish certain urgent projects on a long train ride to their destined vacation.

The professional freelance writer’s distinguished passion for writing does not fade away with work-stress in the long run. The content writers employed at office too are passion driven yet it might be restricted as the company they are working for will have chosen projects that are to be completed. Freelance writers are free of such restrictions as their projects are taken as per their personal choice of writing rather than the company’s.

The distinction obviously varies with the understanding shared by the company and the writers. The distinguishing elements are inevitable and exist on both sides of the coin.


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