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10 Vital Tips for Those Who Want To Become a Freelance Writer

Whether you were a professional writer in the traditional job setting or you have decided to dive into the world of writing with no previous experience, becoming a freelance writer can be a great choice. Some do it for extra spending cash while others do it as full-time work to pay the bills. There is no difference between the person who wants to save for a vacation or the person who needs to pay the mortgage; every freelance writer needs to implement the following tips in order to be successful.

The 10 Essential Tips to Success

Newbies and fellow professional writers breaking into the freelance world can benefit from the tips below. Take a look and see how you can implement them into your work strategy and become a successful freelance writer.

  1. Sign up for as many freelance platforms as possible. This gives you more opportunities to find jobs, get a feel for rates, and see which platform you like best.
  2. Sign up for work-from-home job boards. This keeps you updated on new writing jobs, pay scales, and potential scam companies.
  3. Be flexible in your rates.
  4. Create your own samples before bidding on jobs in the platforms.
  5. Consider doing a couple small jobs for free to create a portfolio and establish yourself.
  6. Find a niche. There are many hodge-podge writers out there who will write about anything. Instead, it is better to have a niche that sets you aside from the hundreds of other writers out there. It may take longer to land your first freelance job, but the chances are high that it will be a much higher paying job compared to others.
  7. Avoid writing for content mills. Many new freelance writers make this mistake; work for private buyers only.
  8. Research how to write a stand-out proposal. This is your first impression so you need to make it a good one. Search online for videos for hit the library to find some books to show you what a strong proposal looks like.
  9. Market yourself accordingly. Use social media, set up your own website, or make business cards to get your name out there.
  10. Create your own office space. Many new freelance writers do not realize how important it is to have a quiet spot to do their work.

There you have it, the top 10 tips to becoming a freelance writer.


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