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7 Helpful Suggestions On How To Start Freelance Writing

Why online freelance writing jobs are so lucrative?

Online freelance writing jobs are counted as one of the most sought-after part-time job options. Their USP resides with the fact that- anyone with a flair for writing, can apply to them. The flexible timing is apt for a new mom-on-a-hiatus or a student looking for some pocket money. Secondly, they are monetarily rewarding.

Here are 7 helpful suggestions on starting freelance writing jobs.

  1. Adapt to the style of writing for online
  2. Before you embark upon your journey for online freelance writing, know that writing for a website is different than that of any real-life publication. The e-commerce sites or the niche sites (like education, fashion) mainly recruit writers and they have targeted reader-groups. Also, do cultivate a thorough understanding about SEO guidelines.

  3. Understand your preferred genre
  4. Do you like health & beauty topics? Or writing product reviews? It’s very important that you should look for the areas that interest you. Otherwise, it will only produce half-baked results. Apart from grooming your writing skill on your desired area, you must also ponder over to know the ABC of technical nitty-gritty about- how a site runs. This knowledge will only enhance your CV.

  5. Make a portfolio
  6. If you have previous writing experience, then putting them together in a chronological way is the norm. But if you are a fresher then it will help immensely, if you had ever written for a college magazine or in a local newspaper in the past.

  7. Prepare your CV with charismatic cover-letter
  8. You should take special care to turn the cover letter-the USP of your candidature. State briefly and clearly why you want this opportunity and how you can be the asset of the agency.

  9. Start job hunting seriously
  10. Leave no stone unturned while looking for a flexible writing opportunity. From posting your CV to various job sites to sending applications to editors of e-magazines- put your best effort forward.

  11. Don’t withhold information with the interviewer
  12. If you can only work for 4 hours in a day, don’t commit for more- in the early juncture. Take only the number of projects which you can deliver properly within time and with care. False promise leads to tarnishing of reputation.

  13. Create a peaceful work-station for yourself
  14. It’s assumed that most of the time, you will work from home. So try to minimize the level of noise and distraction as much as possible around, while you are working. You should start building a peaceful corner for yourself from the early stage.


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