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Looking For Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs On The Web: A Quick Guide

There are plenty of good jobs for freelance writers. Finding them will take time, but you will definitely succeed if you look in the right places and present yourself well. It will be harder for you to find a well-paid job when you have little experience. All the major businesses prefer to work with someone who has been doing this for a while and has good understanding of all the relevant topics.

However, you shouldn’t despair. You can get the experience you need to catch “bigger fish” by working smaller jobs. This will also provide you with the time you need to set up your own website and develop a portfolio. Both are necessary if you really want to be a professional freelance writer who can make good money from this business.

Your website is like your business card, just better. It provides your prospective clients with all the information they need to now in order to see that you really are a highly qualified specialist worthy of employment. Aim to impress when developing your own page, but don’t go overboard. There are web tools that will allow you to do almost anything with your website in terms of design. You have to control yourself and choose a muted minimalistic style because this makes your website look more businesslike.

Your portfolio should be accessible from the website and any from any you have at popular freelance marketplaces. You may also consider including some of the samples in the pitches you send to prospective employers. Choose the articles carefully as they must fit with the theme of the client’s business.

It’s imperative to write a unique pitch oriented towards the company you want to work for. A generic pitch will never be as productive, because it makes the impression that you aren’t really trying.

Where to Look for Well-Paid Freelance Writing Jobs on the Web

The best sources of freelance writing jobs are:

  • Freelance marketplaces.
  • Here you can find dozens of offers for specialists of all kinds. They may not be the best-paying, but they can help you build up your reputation and portfolio.

  • Magazines.
  • Online magazines are often willing to pay well for good articles. They also don’t often care about your experience as long as the texts you provide are interesting and written well.

  • Blogs and forums for writers.
  • Here you can get a chance to get some jobs from more experienced writers who need to outsource to keep up with their orders. Some prospective clients also post their ads here.


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