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Freelance writing, whilst enjoyable and rewarding in its own right, is a job: we do it to earn money. However, some jobs offer better rates than others, and in order to maximize your income you must make sure that you are working on the best paying roles. But, how to find these treasures?

Two Kinds of Well-Paying

There are, essentially, two ways that a project can be considered well-paying: first, it can be a very high hourly rate or fee, generally requiring high levels of attention and knowledge. Secondly, a project can be a relatively easy to write series of blogs, reviews, or articles, that require time, skill, and careful attention, but which are less time-consuming than the former.


You must make the most of your skills; expertise, in freelance writing, is at a premium. There are many generalists, and these can get the roles that are available, but if you can find the roles that are enriched by your knowledge, then these clients will pay for that knowledge.

Spend Time Searching

Do not simply charge at every role that you see advertised. Spend your time carefully weighing the pros and cons of each role that matches your ability. If you do this, you can have the highest impact in the areas that count; find the role that needs you, compose your proposal, and send a well-guided shot at the target. Grape-shot will get you nowhere!

Pitch Your Bid Correctly

When you are looking at jobs, if you see one that advertises for your skill-set, yet suggests a lower rate than you would prefer, be bold and sell yourself, and your ability, to the client, and then ask for the rate that you feel your added value deserves. You must be professional, and have a good reputation of successes to make this work, so make every client happy to have spent the money.

Of course, the ‘Best Paying Roles’ are going to be attractive to a great number of freelancers. But make yourself attractive by demonstrating your ability, approaching the client in a professional and confident manner, and by always, always delivering more than you have promised. Do this, and the clients will see you as the best option for their project, and may be prepared to pay a premium for your services!


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