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Discovering Freelance Writing Opportunities: 8 Suggestions For Beginners

Becoming a freelance could be one of your best decisions in your life. Just think about it – you are literally just working at home, you are allowed to organise your own schedule and you are making good money as well! Well, that only applies if you are already well developed. When you are just starting, the life of a freelancer would be a bit more difficult, especially if you were joining the writing industry where the competition is so high. So how might you survive such harsh conditions? Here are some suggestions for you to give you an edge over other people:

Set reasonable rates

As a new freelancer, it is important that you are setting reasonable rates for your work. If anything, you might even have to set your rate lower than the client’s budget! This would help you in securing your first job and it would start to get easier from that point.

Don’t miss deadlines

Many people have missed deadlines for their work. The results? Well, they would not get repeated clients and it’s that simple. So never miss your deadlines because it could really hurt your moneymaking abilities.

Use more online platforms

You should start off by using online platforms for your freelancing work. However, you can sign up to multiple websites and see where you can secure jobs that you like. This would be a great idea!

Focus on your strengths

You should work on areas that you are strong at and write articles based on your strengths. This would ensure quality content and there is a better chance that your clients will be happy with your work.

Communicate with client

This really is a constant thing that you need to do. Always communicate with your client and ensure you know what he or she wants. Otherwise, you could be completely off with the direction.

Apply to a few jobs ONLY

Never apply to all the jobs that you can see. You should only apply to several at any given time; otherwise, you risk burning out your body and you would hate freelancing forever!


If you have any questions about how you should approach problems, you should go on webinars and learn from the professionals.

Develop your portfolio

The most important thing to do is to develop your portfolio. Get it out there and make sure your clients can see it! That would help you in securing a few more jobs and making a few more dollars.


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