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Online freelance writing jobs for beginners

Anyone who is trying to break into a new field of endeavour will find it difficult. It's difficult because there is a lot of competition and because a lot of the people who are already in the industry are successful and tend to monopolize the work. This is exactly the situation with online freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Yes it's true that there are thousands of new online freelance writing jobs posted every day. There is a huge demand for people who can produce quality work at a reasonable price. But the old principle applies. In the acting world getting a union card was often quite difficult. You couldn't get an equity card until you had a job. You couldn't get a job until you had an equity card. And that same situation applies to some extent with online freelance writing jobs for beginners.

You are a beginner and you are looking for work. But the people offering work want to be sure that who they employ will be able to do the job. So when they look at the list of applicants and see that some have a lot of experience and a good reputation as an online freelance writer, they tend to select that person. Why would they take a risk on employing a beginner?

So what's the solution?

Every beginner freelance writer needs to understand that everybody has to start somewhere. When you look at the thousands of people who are successful online freelance writers, remember they were beginners once. So how do you break the cycle?

Some good news is that sometimes employers go out of their way to say they are keen to employ beginner freelance writers. They actually specify that that is the type of writer they want. So straight away any beginner who wants to make a start in the freelance writing world should definitely start applying for those types of jobs.

The second way to break the cycle is to boost your experience. Now if you are a beginner it's logical that you don't have any experience as an online freelance writer. But you may have plenty of experience as a student. You can put that type of activity into your CV and thus present yourself as someone who might be a beginner in one sense but you are not a beginner in a writing sense. It all gets down to selling yourself, to marketing yourself as someone who can do the job.

Finally, it can be almost easy for a beginner to get an online freelance writing job if they are prepared to work for a very low fee. Some people would say you should never do that and that the labourer is worthy of his or her hire. But in order to make a start, to get your foot in the door, work cheaply and get some work.


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