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How to become an expert freelance writer

Becoming an expert freelance writer requires the same dedication that any discipline requires in order to excel: you have to work hard. But, is it enough to simply ‘work hard’ as a writer? There are several ways that you can make the most of the time you spend developing your skills, and if you follow these steps, below, they should make the process a little smoother.

  • Try Various Kinds of Writing
  • There is no such thing as an expert sportsperson, or an expert doctor; there are expert tennis players, and expert heart surgeons, though. In order to excel, you need to discover which areas best match your existing skill-set. Try to explore as many different kinds of writing as you can, from technical writing, through academic writing, to product reviews, or even guest blogs. The wider the exposure the more chance of finding the best fit.

  • Select Several that Most Suit
  • When you have explored several options, select a few formats, and a few genres that you feel comfortable with. For example, you may have discovered that you are able to easily and confidently write good copy about design, or fashion, or holidays, and that you can do these in an informal way, in short documents. By narrowing down, you can refine your knowledge of that industry, and therefore become expert.

  • Ask Advice
  • As advice from your clients. If they have been commissioning for a while, they will know all the good and bad things to do in whatever your chosen areas are. Let them do your research and learn from the mistakes that other novice freelancers have made.

  • Ensure Honest Feedback
  • Try to get a few regular clients, and this will build the kind of relationship that will enable the client to give you honest feedback, and this will help hone your skills. Never be afraid of criticism, it is an opportunity for growth.

  • Write, Write, Write!
  • Finally, just write and write and write: the only way to become comfortable with a medium is to have full immersion.

As with anything, the key to becoming and expert freelance writer is practice, dedication, and time. But, with these hints, you can put yourself in the best position, and can ensure that you are making the swiftest progress to becoming an expert freelancer!


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