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Where To Look For The Best Freelance Grant Writing Jobs

When you are in search of freelance writing jobs specifically for grant writing there are many places where you can search.

  1. The first place and perhaps the most reliable place is a third party freelance platform. These platforms act as a third party just as the name would suggest and they allow you to refine your search for specific writing jobs such as grant writing. There are two websites that are the most popular today and will come up on top in a search but they are now owned by the same company so they are functioning now as a singular monopoly. Nonetheless these two websites owned by the same company will have the biggest array of possible jobs listed on their sites. Therefore if you are aiming to find the biggest treasure trove of possible jobs this is where you want to look. In order to look for jobs and bid on them you will need to first create an account with the company. You must start your profile and sign up. You can initially sign up for a free account which enables you to brose the site for grant jobs and then bid on them. The nice thing about these sites is that you can select “writing” as your particular niche and then refine your search from there to look only for jobs that have “grant” in their description.
  2. Another thing you can do is to market your skills by yourself without the help of these third party sites. You can simply look for grant writing jobs on other sites such as job help sites and then market your skills there and see if you can be matched to any companies who are in need.
  3. You can use social networking to post information about yourself and your grant writing abilities and then see if anyone turns up in response to your input. This is an older method of marketing with new technology but it will work wonders for you and your ability to turn a profit in exchange for your skills.
  4. You can of course send out emails to different websites that work specifically with this type of job and let them know that you are interested and available. They may have a need for someone with your skills and could add you to their existing writing staff or help recommend you to someone else they know who is in need of your services.

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