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How To Write An Appealing Freelance Writing Proposal

You have taken the step into freelance writing. The internet is full of places that need copy. You are sure your work is the best it can be, but somehow your bids are not working. The job’s boards have work listed. It is time to get serious in refining your bids.

What is the purpose of a Proposal?

It is not just designed to be friendly and announce that you are available for work. The level of formality will depend on the employer. Knowledge of the client is essential in helping you understand what they are looking for.

You should explain, as briefly as possible, why you are qualified to take on this specific task. You clearly show that you understand what the work entails and lays out your why your experience and qualifications are the best fit for the role.

What does it include?

The first two lines must be strong. Make it clear that you have read the entire notice of the initial call for bids and that you have read and understood the project. Make this standout.

Personal strengths are next. Does this job require a quick turnaround? Show your experience. Is the job academic? Show your degree.

Answer any questions the potential employer has asked and finally provide estimates for both time and money. Identify specific parts of the job, itemize or give a very good reason this is not possible.


  • Templates – If you are intending to bid on a number of projects it might be worthwhile making a template with all the essentials listed, then you can tailor the template for each client.
  • Remember – sometimes your client will have a small submission form – it is best to ensure that you do not make your bid so long that it expands the box, and your client has to scroll.
  • KISS – not that sort of kiss. (K)eep (I)t (S)hort and (S)weet without losing quality. Use simple language. Keep it clear.
  • Compelling – spend time on the project. Get it right
  • Edit – write in complete sentences and proofread before posting

There are blogs full of tips on making the perfect freelance writing proposal, but the advice all comes down to “get on with it”. Practice is still the best way of learning the skills you need to land the job you want.


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