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How to get a freelance writing job if you are just starting out

Industry of freelance writing is constantly looking for new people. Companies are developing and expanding every day, getting more and more customers, who need their papers written. So if you have decided to begin your career as a writer, you will definitely find the perfect space just for you.

How to choose the writing company to work for.

The number of websites that offer freelance jobs is very high, the problem is to find the service it will be asy to work for. First of all, think of the type of writing you are looking for. Most of the companies do not specialize in particular subject or type of writing, but still make sure you will find a job for yourself before applying. Research your possibilities. Check the prices the company offers and the payments methods. Communicate with the support team of the website (if there is one). You will work with this people later, make sure you will be able to find understanding with them.

What to remember during the application process.

Most of the websites create easy and understandable application forms for their new possible writers. If you have some questions, it is better to ask than to do how you think is correct, but the guidelines are usually there, you just need to look around on the website. Follow all of the steps suggested by the application form carefully, fill in all the necessary information. Do not give any untrue information about yourself, for example about your education, contact details or proficient fields of study. A lot of companies ask to prove the given information, for example provide them with your diploma, proving your education background or will simply give you a call to check if you have stated the correct phone number.

What information will I have to give the company and why?

Let's take a look at the most common fields of the application form and why the company needs to know it.

  1. Contact information. You will most likely asked to provide your email address, phone number and, sometimes, billing address. The company must have a possibility to contact you if there is an emergency.
  2. Educational background. You will need to prove your academic level to the company so they will know, how complex jobs you can cope with.
  3. Sample of your work. The HR department will most likely want to take a look at how good your writing skills and command over the English language are.

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