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Becoming A Freelance Part-Time Grant Writer: Useful Tips And Tricks

Becoming freelance grant writer and doing jobs part-time can be a challenge. You may decide to take on freelance writing full time and want to provide copy for other clients. You may have another job outside of the home or you have a household to run. Either way, you may want to know what your options are on how to become a part-time freelance grant writer. You can work with new businesses and nonprofits while helping them earn funding for their purpose. Here are some tips to help you on your journey.

  • Have an idea of which niches you want to produce grants for. Grant writing has various opportunities in different niches and industries. As you get an idea of where you want to produce content think about reasons why people seek grants. Consider why clients decide to hire freelance grant writers to assist them and why you feel you are a good fit.
  • Research grant writing needs of various industries. A freelance writer has the advantage of producing content for different industries and career fields. Try to expand your interests to other industries as you may find options offering lucrative pay opportunities. Learn needs of clients seeking writers to get insight on samples you can develop to show your qualified.
  • Keep skills sharp and up to date with online courses. There are writing courses for grant writers you can take part-time. There are free courses through reputable sites that help you refresh your skills. You can also take grant writing courses through local universities to learn more in-depth information.
  • Have quality samples ready for potential clients. Even if you are working only part-time this doesn’t mean you don’t need samples of your work available. You can have such information on your website or part of a portfolio to show your expertise. Some industries may have a need for part-time writers so it helps to diversify your samples.
  • Network online and offline with others to learn about opportunities available for freelance grant writers. Stay in contact with writers obtaining opportunities you want. They often have good tips to consider when applying and seeking such jobs.
  • Establish a writing schedule you can be flexible with. Think about job duties of a freelance grant writer and make sure you can perform such actions on a regular basis for clients.

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