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How To Become The Best Freelance English Writer: 5 Secrets From An Expert

Life as a freelance writer has its ups and downs. As a writer, individuals get to set their own schedule, choose their pay rate and work from any location. Unfortunately, they also have to deal with inconsistent payments, clients and editors. To succeed in this industry, writers should use the following five steps.

Research the Market

Instead of writing for every industry, writers should select a niche topic. This allows them to focus their marketing efforts and command a higher wage. Before choosing a specific market, the writer should do their research. Before they quit their day job, the writer must know how to get writing projects. Ideally, they should have several projects lined up in advance. Even one long-term client will make the switch easier on the writer's finances.

Prepare a Portfolio

A portfolio consists of a collection of the writer's best work. This folder is used by clients to choose a specific freelance writer. If the writer lacks examples, they can always create new articles. Designing a website is a great way to build a portfolio. A personal website allows the writer to reach out to clients directly. It also serves as a permanent, digital portfolio.

Be Persistent

Writers must be dedicated to their career. They will encounter thousands of rejections and edits over the first few years. When a rejection arrives, writers should use it as a learning experience. It may be a sign that they need to hone their writing style, use better research or try again. The most successful writers are people who refuse to give up.

Set Realistic Goals

Getting a novel on the bestseller's list is a great goal, but it is not very realistic. The writer can set goals like this, but they should also create objectives that are actually obtainable. If writing a novel is not possible right now, the writer can practice writing by doing article projects and submitting other job proposals. A writing course can also help the writer to develop their craft.

Writing a Query Letter

For the writer to get a job, they must send in a strong query letter. This document is another example of the writer's work. It should avoid any typos or spelling errors. Additionally, the query letter should focus on the writer's strengths, education and experiences. This letter is the first point of contact for the client, so it really has to stand out from the crowd.


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