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What Are the Best Online Paid Writing Jobs

Being a freelance writer can be difficult in the beginning because finding well-paying jobs takes time. There are many offers open to writers with different levels of experience. You will need to explore all the opportunities available to you in order to find the jobs that can pay your bills.

The vast majority of freelancers start on job boards that have hundreds of offers on various topics. This option can be sufficient while you are working on your portfolio, but they won’t provide you with a good level of income. Competition on these websites is high, and clients usually go for the cheapest offer.

If you want to make more money, you will need to look for other type of offers. Choosing a specialization will help greatly, because this will allow you to seek employment with big companies. You will also be able to build a name as an expert in the field, and finding clients will become much easier.

Writing for magazines is another option that can provide good returns. Many magazines, both online and printed, accept articles from unprofessional authors. You won’t have any guarantees when submitting your piece, but you shouldn’t lose the chance to draw attention from the editors. If you succeed in publishing a few articles, your overall rating as a freelance writer will go up. You may even be offered a permanent position if the pieces you write are well-received.

Amateur writers that lack impressive portfolios at the moment can try to establish contact with successful bloggers. They often outsource some of their jobs to less experienced authors. These jobs pay well, and will provide you with an opportunity to improve your skills immensely. Being “apprenticed” to a famous blogger in such a way will boost your reputation as well.

Writing e-books and various guides also provides good income. These jobs differ from blogging or writing short articles, as they require much more time and dedication on your part. You will need to try your hand in this before you take an order that you may not be able to handle properly. The blow this will deal to your career will be great, and you may not be able to recover from it.

Do not forget that you must aim to be the best, regardless of the type of job you are currently working on. This is the only way to build a name that will make clients seek you out, and not the other way round.


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