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Looking For Freelance Teenage Online Writing Jobs: Five Helpful Hints

These days, people of all ages are looking for freelance online writing jobs. It may be that middle-aged people are looking for a career change or, alternatively, people who belong to older generations, such as pensioners, may be looking to find a bit of additional work to do in their spare time. In fact, one of the fastest-growing age groups is that of teenagers and people in the early 20s, particularly students.

Due to the fact that students will often have an abundance of time - as well as appropriate writing skills as a result of completing various academic papers as part of any courses that they do - they are often ideally positioned to carry out various online writing jobs. Furthermore, teenage students will often be unable to get full-time employment and, therefore, having the flexibility to complete online writing jobs in their spare time can be incredibly useful.

If you are a teenager and have considered the possibility of developing a freelance online writing career then you may be wondering how to go about things. The following five helpful hints should help you to get started.

  1. Finding work through freelance websites
  2. One of the best places for teenagers to start looking for online writing jobs is on freelance websites. These websites provide a wide range of different opportunities, thus enabling people of different talents to bid on appropriate jobs that they feel it they might be able to do.

  3. Creating high-quality job proposals
  4. When bidding on any online writing opportunity, you will most likely have to write a job proposal. To ensure your job proposal has the best chance of success, it is a good idea to read the job description carefully, and address any important points, rather than simply listing off any achievements or skills that you think you may have.

  5. Including a portfolio of your work
  6. In order to demonstrate your skills for the work, rather than simply telling a potential client what you’ve done, it is much better to provide them with samples of your work. Therefore, you should put together a portfolio of some of the best written work that you have done, whether you have been paid for it or not.

  7. Developing an online presence
  8. To help you win jobs and find new clients it is a good idea to start a blog, as well as to sign up to various social media websites, so as to develop an online presence.

  9. The importance of communication
  10. Finally, it is essential that you communicate effectively, and reply quickly to any questions asked of you, as well as to provide regular updates on any work that you do.


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