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What Are the Main Qualities of the Best Freelance Writer Websites?

The choice of websites for a freelance writer to work for can be great to the point of being confusing. However, the best companies, regardless of whether they are freelance job boards, academic writing websites, or online magazines, share in common the following features:

  • They allow you to choose orders to work on.
  • A good freelance website would have you place bids on orders that interest you rather than simply assign them to you. If this website is not a bidding one, you should be asked about your areas of competence while filling the application form.

  • They offer a decent pay rate.
  • You do not have to write for a cent or two per word just because you are a beginner. If you are sure of your writing excellence, look for websites that pay at least five or seven cents per word.

    However, do not set your expectations too high. Although there are markets that pay a dollar per word, you may find it difficult to get highly-paid homework writing jobs there without an impressive portfolio.

  • They pay on a timely basis.
  • The payment conditions of a reliable freelance market should be clearly stated on their website. You should be able to read them before you register or take any orders.

    Good freelance job websites have a payment guarantee system. When the client chooses you to write their order, the website charges their account for a respective amount of money. You get this money once you upload the completed order.

    If this website is not a large and well-known one, take a bit of your time to browse the Web for freelancer feedback on it. Any complaints that they have not paid for the work done should be a stop light to you.

  • They charge reasonable fees.
  • A freelance job board has no other source of income than a share in each writer’s earnings. A reasonable fee should be somewhere between 5% and 15%. Academic writing companies, magazines, or blogs do not normally charge any fees.

  • They respond to your calls and emails.
  • You should be able to contact the website support team if you have any problems. Never work for websites that offer no support to their writers.

  • They work legally.
  • Check whether this company is officially registered in your country. They should have a valid trading address and phone line. If a company is not legal, you will not be able to claim your well-deserved payments from them if they refuse to pay.


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