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Help Me Find Part-Time Freelance Article Writing Jobs: Vital Advice

So, you have decided to begin a career of a freelance writer, but you are struggling because you have no idea where to find one? There are some vital tips that will help you make money in the Internet without being tricked.

As the need of freelance writers is growing, thanks to the domination of content marketing, there are thousands of job offers throughout the Internet. A starter usually earns from 30 to 50 dollars per a 500 word article, and then with the growth of your experience you will earn up to 300 dollars per 500 words.

Be careful, if the company offers you an extremely high salary, even if you don’t have any previous experience, it might be a fraud.

While gaining your writer’s experience you should make yourself a skill portfolio, to be able to work for a bigger amount of money and get better clients.

If you will have a good enough portfolio, it will be possible to get 150 dollars per hour. And don’t be scared to ask for a bigger salary, once you have proven that you are worth working with.

It is also OK, to send your application to a dozens of companies, and don’t be afraid if they won’t answer you. Remember you are just a beginner, and it will get only better with every new project that you will get.

Try to look only for those jobs, which are interesting for you, unless you won’t enjoy your work and most likely will drop during the first month.

Search only among a reputable companies, which are working for a long period of time and have plenty of positive reviews from previous clients. The reviews you can find in the special forums or social networks connected with freelance job searching.

A trustworthy company will offer you a salary per article or per hour and a stable contract. It is extremely important for you to make a brilliant first impression on you future employer, as they might be receiving dozens of job applications, and your main task is to differ from the others.

If you have been hired, make sure that you follow every single instruction, as it is unprofessional to get your own way as a freshman.

Don’t forget to answer your emails as soon as possible and respect your company’s time. And it is also vital never to miss even a single deadline.


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