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A Quick Guide To Freelance Magazine Article Writing

If you have decided to take up freelance magazine article writing, there are a few things that you should know.

Below you'll find a quick guide to freelance magazine article writing.

  • If you are going to start writing articles for magazine, you need to know what niche you can cover. Do you really want to write feature pieces or do you prefer providing text based reviews. Magazines coming all shape and sizes today and therefore you have the ability to cover all shapes and sizes of topics. If you like to keep your pieces short and sweet you can find magazines that offer short and sweet technical guides. If you are verbose and you truly enjoyed sharing a great deal of information with your readers with flowery jargon, you can find many publications that focus on this.
  • One of the keys to this process is too narrow down your options. You want to find magazines that suit your writing taste. However there is a catch. Not every freelance writing job for magazines can be suited to your needs. There may only be one or two openings with one or two very distinct publications and if that is the case you might have to be a bit more flexible in your writing in order to nab the job.
  • You need to have a portfolio. If you have a diverse portfolio, one which has a feature piece as well as a text review, and Informative article on green energy, you can widen your potential options. Having multiple samples that cover different topics and different pieces of the magazine layout will widen your ability to gain magazine writing jobs.
  • Before you start applying to different jobs it is incumbent upon you to do your background research. You should get to know the companies before you apply for a job you should know what this magazine has to offer and what their goals and mission statement is before you apply so that you can best meet their needs when you submit your application the same as you would when applying for any other job.
  • You might even benefit from starting an LLC rather than just listing your name as an individual. The idea of working with a business might be easier for their taxes and it might be easier for them to work with someone they deem a professional. And one of the easiest ways to determine whether someone is serious about their copywriting rather than just a teenager who thought it might be fun to do for one week, is to hire someone who has registered a business. Having a business can help you get those few clients who might want a long term contract. This will get you increased work and increase revenue.

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