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Papers you will write after applying for a freelance writing job

If you’d like to get a sneak preview of what you’re in for when you apply for an online freelancing project, then read on. Many new freelance writers aren’t sure what to expect when entering the world of freelance writing, and there may be a few surprises that you weren’t aware of. Knowing what types of writing jobs are the most prevalent out there, will help you to efficiently factor in your time, skills, and head knowledge, before putting yourself out there.

  • Academic blogs
  • There’s a huge market for academic blogs, so if you’re familiar with student life or are currently a student, these jobs will be perfectly suited to you. When taking on an academic writing job, be sure to write for a wide audience. American education is in many ways different from UK education. Be careful of getting your information from American television, because you may not cater for the client’s market if they’re European. Make sure you do lots of research and get your facts right.

  • SEO articles
  • Articles that need to be optimized for search criteria are in very high demand. But there’s an art to knowing how to implement key phrases into an article without breaking the flow or comprehension. Practice makes perfect in this line of writing so you may want to see a number of examples and even do a few of these for free for family and friends before taking on a paying client.

  • Repetitive writing
  • One thing new freelance writers don’t expect is having to write on the same topic over and over again. Clients expect this often and it can be hard to write on the same topic over 40 times without repeating yourself. The key here is to be creative. You can implement various techniques to make each article original:

    • Use article templates to mix up your format
    • Write an acrostic article
    • Try a different style; i.e. comical or reporting

    In short, keep things interesting. Your client will appreciate your diversity.

  • Website content
  • Another common task is website content. This may sound easy, but it’s actually one of the hardest types of writing you’ll do as a freelance writer. There are different ways of putting together information for a ‘home’ page, ‘about us’ page, and other landing pages for products. Consider going on a short course to clarify the differences. Once you know the basics, you can grow from there.


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