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How to find the best-paying freelance writing job

Freelance writing pays a variety of different rates. Some clients will pay their writers an hourly wage and others will pay a flat rate for word counts. Some freelancing clients want to pay very little, others will stay in the average range, and there are a few out there that will pay practically unheard of wages. It is very easy to find the clients who pay average and low rates for writing, but the high paying clients are more challenging to find. Here are a few tips:

  • Create accounts on the larger freelancing websites. There are several websites that connect writers and clients, but the larger sites do have more clients with more money to spend. If you are only searching the small sites, you will most likely find the clients who do not have the money to spend to compete for the best writers on the larger sites. You will have more writers to compete with, but you will also have more job to win..

  • Build a strong profile and reputation. A client who values quality over price will only hire the writers who have the skills and profile that meets their needs. Many of the sites offer clients the opportunity to leave feedback for the quality of work the writers delivered. If you have low feedback numbers, you will not get hired to write for the best-paying clients. Keep in mind that you are in competition with writers who have exquisite feedback numbers, so build a reputation that will put you up there with the best.

  • Write a proposal that fits the tone of the job offering. You should try to emulate the writing style that you will use in the job. If the job is for friendly blogging, then your proposal should be written in a friendly style. If the job is to complete content for a law firm’s website, then your proposal should be business-like and professional. Regardless of the job offering, your proposal should be written clearly, concisely, and correctly. You will not get hired if you write a proposal full of errors and slang.

  • Communicate. Clients want to know that their writers are real and will get the job done. Good communication can keep clients sending work to their favorite writers. If you have questions, ask them and be sure to send updates as you continue to work on longer projects.

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