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Searching For Beginner Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing online can be a great way to make some extra income, but it’s often tough for beginning writers to get started. One reason it’s so appealing is that there is very little required to start in terms of capital investment. A decent computer, internet access, and good typing skills are all that most beginning freelancers need to start out—but that also means competition is steep. Here are some tips for getting started.

  • Join Freelancing Websites
  • It will be much faster to build a portfolio and get some money coming in if the writer starts by joining some reputable freelancing websites. These websites work as online marketplaces, allowing writers to connect with clients and vice versa. Clients can search for writers by their skill set, and writers can browse what projects are available to bid on.

  • Work Your Way Up
  • Beginning writers will almost certainly have to take some less glamourous jobs, and that’s okay. It’s important to note that in the beginning, the most important thing is to get some good reviews and to build up one’s client list, rather than just to take really exciting jobs. When a writer has a dozen great references, they’ll find that more exciting, better paying jobs become available quickly. Some of the earlier jobs might pay very little, but the writer should consider them stepping stones to better things!

  • What to Look for as a Beginner
  • Blog posts, article writing, and product descriptions can be a good place for beginning writers to start. They should look for bulk article buyers, who often have a steady stream of simple work which can both provide the writer with a steady beginning income and the practice they need to hone their professional skills.

  • Don’t Undersell Yourself
  • Once the writer has a decent portfolio and some good references, however, they should concentrate on working their way up by applying for better paying jobs. They may need to place bids on quite a few proposals before they land great paying projects, but once they get a few higher profile clients, it will come easier.

  • Be Disciplined
  • One thing clients look for is reliability and discipline in their writers. Always under promise and over deliver so that your clients are pleasantly surprised and have their expectations exceeded. If you are going to be late with a project for some reason, give the client as much notice as you can.


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