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How to improve your writing skills to become an expert freelance writer

Whether or not if you’re an expert at writing, you can be a great freelance writer with some simple tips. First is to stop writing what you know. This seems like a good tip, but how is anyone going to grow as a writer and professional. If professionals want to grow, then writers should be taught to write what they don’t know because editors want all-around writers who they can send on any kind of assignment and it opens up doors to other opportunities.

Ways to improve writing on unknown topics:

  • Research new topics to write about
  • Stop thinking and just start writing
  • Build a strong network of people that want you to write for them. Doing this allows you all sorts of opportunities in the freelance writing world
  • Find new ideas to write about and post them online.

The next way to improve your writing skills to become a better freelance writer is to start a blog and just write. Writing without expecting a return for your work is writing for yourself and is often when the best writing comes out. By starting a blog on Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr is a great way for editors and other agencies to see your work and want to hire you. A blog can act like a sample of active writing and skills. Make sure that your blog has contact information such as an email address or even a phone number so people can contact you about new writing jobs.

  • A blog can act like a resume
  • Make sure you copyright the posts on your blog so they do not get stolen
  • Make sure to post daily or weekly to your blog so that it is consistent.

It seems that the hardest thing about being a freelance writer is finding jobs. This is where your networking skill comes in and is possibly just as important as your writing skills.

  • Become friends with an expert in public relations and they will give you lists of people that are looking for freelance writers.
  • Build a contact list of people that you have worked for and keep up with them to see if they need any other writing jobs that need to be done for them.

Following these tips will make you an expert in freelance writing and polish your skills so that you accomplish your goals of writing and make a living.


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